Thursday, May 17, 2012

Study Science, Learn of God

When a person studies any field or science, he or she is learning about the nature of God; His creativity, His artistic nature, His power, His beauty.  Many years ago most scientists understood this.  Strange that, today, many scientists, and particularly science educators, don't even realize what the essence of what they are studying.  How can anyone look upon any aspect of creation and not be awed by what it reveals about our Creator?

Monday, October 10, 2011

We continue to crumble

Governor Jerry Brown of CA has, in the past few days, signed several bills designed to further the destruction of liberty and decency. I have little expectation that the majority of Californian's will take a stand for a return to policies that will once again make us strong, secure, and economically sound, but I still have hope for the nation as a whole.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Fuel prices--fuel for thought

In case anyone out there doesn't already know it, be assured that Pres. Obama and his admin. staff want the price to go even higher. His energy man, Mr. Chu says the price to gasoline must go higher so that Americans won't mind so much paying the high cost of alternate energy sources. And one more reminder: the high cost of oil affects not just gasoline and home heating costs, it has a significant effect on the cost of virtually everything. That means essentials such as food, clothing, and medical supplies.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Amy Goodman-Democracy Now

Amy Goodman editorials appear in our local paper. Sometimes I try to read them, but the lack of common sense and logic usually causes me to stop reading after a few paragraphs. However, I have read enough to discern a few things and to be left with a few questions.

Amy's organization is called "Democracy Now." This leads to the first question: Is the name of the organization meant to indicate that they promote democracy? If so, why? As a governmental system, democracy is not one that anyone should want to live in. (In a democracy, eligible citizens--often that means property owning males--have the opportunity for direct votes on all issues of government.) Democracy is highly susceptible to emotional whims and decisions based on personal gain of money or power. In a large organization, like most nations today, it is quite literally unworkable. The founders of the USA recognized this and consequently gave us a republic.

Now perhaps Miss Goodman and her group are using the word democracy as many Americans, including most politicians, commentators, and even educators do, to mean liberty; in particular a government that recognizes the citizens as the utltimate holders of power and gaurantees rights such as freedom of speech, worship, ownership of arms, no unreasonable searches or arrests, private property ownership, and a voice in their governance not tied to wealth, gender, race, etc. If this is the case, then it would be a really good idea to pick a new name. However, based on the views put forth by Miss Goodman, I don't think she supports the above freedoms.

Most recently she has been taking a stand against the citizens of Wisconsin who voiced by their vote that they want their state government to become fiscally responsible. Miss Goodman supports those who would ignore the choice of the majority of voters and to allow rule by a combination of a political minority and the leaders of labor unions. If she actually believed in democracy (or free elections), she would support the decision of the voters.

This is not the first time I have seen from her this expression of contempt for the citizens of the USA. From what I have read, she actually supports a system of government that can best be described as despotic or tyrannical. Although she doesn't always agree with the policy's of power holders like Barack Obama, she does appear to strongly support a huge, domineering central government (as long as that government makes decisions that fit progressive/liberal positions).

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lengthy speech is not appropriate

It is after 7:00 pm in Tucson. I don't know just how long Mr. Obama has been speaking, but I know that it is way too long. For an occasion like this it is totally inappropriate for the president or anyone else to make a lengthy speech. A time like this calls for some comments on the people killed and injured, and an expression of sadness, disappointment, etc. that the tragedy occurred; nothing more. Something in the range of 5-10 minutes would be a worthy length. How refreshing it would be if some of our politicians would learn how to speak by reading the words of Abraham Lincoln.

Monday, January 10, 2011

OK, it has been a long time since I posted. Lot's of other things are more in need of my attention. However, events of the past few days deserve some comment.

I marvel in wonder when observing adults, especially some "leaders" of our communities and states, who cannot think beyond the level of a child. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and several others were wounded by a lone gunman. Others, including a judge, were killed. The gunman was apparently a drug using, mentally unstable man whose political views were of the liberal persuasion. Yet, immediately following his deathly rampage, we started hearing other liberal "leaders" and commentators blame his actions on comments from well-known political conservatives.

Of course this does not make sense for a few reasons:
  • The gunman did not likely listen much to conservatives, much less let them direct his actions.
  • No conservative has been reported as calling for the assassination of Giffords or any other congressmen.
  • Most of the victims did not hold governmental office.
  • The gunman apparently did not represent any political group, certainly not a conservative group.

But what is very disturbing is the "let's find someone else to blame" attitude that has been repeatedly voiced in the past few days. Especially notable is the immature behavior of those like the local sheriff. I suspect that the sheriff's parents heard a lot of whining when he was a child. Just this morning I heard a 7 year old, who had experienced something unpleasant, whining and angrily saying to his mother, "It's your fault." A moment later he included all those around him, saying, "It's your guys fault." Grow up, sheriff. Put the blame where it belongs. It is no one else's fault.

In recent years this seems to be a constant refrain from political liberals. Every time something really bad happens, they want to find someone, preferably a well-known conservative, but sometimes just patriotic Americans in general, to blame. This approach is often applied to criminals at all levels. I am glad to hear this morning a few comments from those who are rightly pointing out the stupidity and foolishness of this blame someone else approach. And by the way, I haven't heard any conservatives blaming liberal leaders or commentators.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Flags Waving

Just returned from a week of travel. Encouraged by all the flags we saw waving, some at businesses, but mostly at homes. The unique greatness that is the USA must be constantly remembered or we will sink into something we will regret.