Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Sunday Night

So here it is, Sunday night. I should be sleeping, but just wanted to put in a few minutes here. In the past few days I have added to my articles at HubPages. Two of these, "Children and Death" and "The Existence of God" are dealing with serious subjects. One, "Friend Thoughts" is just sentimental and nice, and you are invited to add to it. Here is a sampling of what you will find in these three articles:

There was a day when I had to sit down with my three daughters, ages 5-10, and tell them their mother was gone. They knew that she had been very sick. They had visited her in the hospital (a very valuable experience for the girls and my wife). But none of us knew she would die.

It is rather curious to me that there are actually living, thinking, even well educated humans who are quite uncertain about the existence of God and the significance of man. In fact, it is sometimes the well educated who seem to struggle most with all of creation and the nature of the Creator.

Sometimes friends have two good legs, sometimes friends come on crutches, sometimes a friend comes in a wheelchair. Sometimes you need to go to your friend who cannot leave the bed.

Pay a visit. Enjoy. Good night.

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