Friday, July 16, 2010

Flags Waving

Just returned from a week of travel. Encouraged by all the flags we saw waving, some at businesses, but mostly at homes. The unique greatness that is the USA must be constantly remembered or we will sink into something we will regret.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Are We Awake Yet

With the constant efforts of so many, from Tea Party Patriots to individual candidates who are winning elections on a platform of supporting the Constitution, I am encouraged. But still, I wonder if the lack of education and the apathy of many will allow the destruction of our system.

A poll cited yesterday found that 26% of those questioned did not know what nation we separated from in the Revolutionary War. If they do not know even that, is it possible that they know why? Is it possible that they understand the revolutionary new way of living and governing that was created when the Constitution was implemented?

There are many today, like the Hebrews of long ago, who seem to be demanding that we have a powerful monarch as our ruler. We may not call him a king, but would still grant him the power. As it is now, the USA is being ruled by an aristocratic oligarchy, and most of us are just putting up with it.